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Physical Activity & Sport in the Club of Girls

Girls' experience of sports
1. Many girls love sports, and their numbers are growing.
2. Girls often view competition in sports differently from boys. They tend to worry about competing against their best friend, being yelled at by the coach and wondering if they will be more or less popular depending on what sport they play and how good they are at that sport. Girls also often worry more about disappointing team mates and making mistakes.
3. Girls and women often view competition as a way to honour the game and appreciate their competitors

Benefits of sports for girls
1. Active, athletic girls have been found to have higher self-esteem, more confidence, higher achievement test scores, less depression, improved mental health, more academic success and greater lifetime earning potential.
2. Girls who play sports are also more likely to turn away from risky behavior, be it unprotected sex, promiscuity, or experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

How participating in sport and physical activity can help girls
1. Recreation and sport activities have an obvious positive link to excellent physical growth in children through the development of gross motor skills (running, jumping and other use of large muscles), strength and endurance.
2. Participation in physical activity also leads to improved body image. Girls in sport often have a better appreciation of a strong body that is bigger and has more muscles than what is depicted as the "ideal" female image.
3. Physical activities also promote social and emotional growth. Two of the most important indicators of healthy social and emotional development are the resiliency of a child and a child's opportunity to enjoy caring relationships with adults who are important to that child. Both of these can be developed through participation in organized physical activities.
4. Recreation activities provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth to explore their strengths, develop skills and test their limits. Children's self esteem is nurtured by the mastery of age-appropriate skills and the achievement of reasonable goals. This mastery contributes to the development of a resilient child. This means that a physically active child, regardless of circumstance, is more likely to thrive.

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